Straight Replacement Socks, 4-Pack

Wild Finches prefer the Straight Replacement Socks, over tube feeders, hands down! Soft mesh socks make it easy for birds to take hold and easily extract their food. They can be filled with either Nyjer® Seed or Wild Finch Food. Use with the KAYTEE® Finch Feeder Station to enjoy feeding birds in your own backyard.
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Works great, but... Once the original tubes wear out, they can't be replaced. Stores that carry the feeders don't carry the O-ring socks; this manufacturer doesn't provide sales; 'high resolution pictures' aren't; manufacturer doesn't respond to questions on how to purchase replacements. Great product, very poor to no support/followup. Poor value if no support! November 26, 2012
Hard to find. I cannot understand how anyone could rate the "Nutrition" value of the product a 2--my only problem is that our PetSmart doesn't have them. November 11, 2011
where are they available great. you do have these available. where the heck can you buy them?? April 16, 2011
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