KAYTEE® Finch Station

The KAYTEE® Finch Station™ makes attracting and feeding finches easier than ever! Finches adore soft mesh socks and prefer them over traditional tube feeders. The unique, Squiggle Sock design provides more surface area that enables finches to perch wherever they want, and allows for numerous birds to eat at one time.

Finches easily extract seeds through the soft mesh of the sock, making the KAYTEE Finch Station their favorite place to eat. Enjoy more bird watching opportunities with fewer refills thanks to the weather-resistant dome reservoir which holds extra seed, automatically keeping the sock filled longer. Each KAYTEE Finch Station comes with one sock for initial use and one for replacement. The simple-to-use, easy-to-clean KAYTEE Finch Station meets the standards of the Wild Bird Feeding Industry.
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