Blue-crowned Conure

Blue Crowned Conure
Blue Crowned Conure
The Blue-crowned Conure can be loud. As with most conures, they scream to get attention. However, Blue-crowned Conures are very playful birds. They have good mimicking ability. The Blue-crowned Conure was made famous in the movie "Paulie." However, they cannot carry on a conversation like in the movie.

In the wild, the Blue-crowned Conures are found in parts of South America foraging in flocks for seeds, fruits and berries, throughout forests, thickets and forest edges.

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Order:   Psittaciformes Family:   Psittacidae
Genus:   Aratinga Species:   acuticaudata
Weaning Age:   appox. 10 weeks Sexual Maturity:   1-2 years
Life Span:   50 years Body Weight:   ~140 grams (5 oz)
Head To Tail Length:   37 cm (14.5 in)
Habitat Size L x W x H:   61 x 51 x 107 cm (24 x 20 x 42 in)
Habitat Bar Spacing:   19.5 mm (0.75 in)